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SPCAF Contrib is a research project by several SharePoint consultants aims to provide jump start for SPCAF custom rules and metrics.

SPCAF Contrib is aimed to provide getting started samples and code base for the custom SPCAF rules and metrics. It shows how you may create your own rules and metrics to address your business needs, improve ALM and overall code quality of the SharePoint projects.
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I didn't get it, what is SPCAF at all?

The SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) is a set of tools created by Torsten Mandelkow and Matthias Einig. You can use the tools to examine .WSP files and .APP files to compare against a set of 400 rules, analyze dependencies, calculate metrics and more.

Also, if you are not familiar with SPCAF yet (shame on you!), consider the following links as an easy start:

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SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) – Documentation


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Writing your first rule for SPCAF – put the best practices in place!
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Running SPCAF from PowerShell
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Code Analysis Framework for SharePoint - SPCAF
SharePoint Code Quality


SharePoint Code Check (SPCop) – бесплатный инструмент для анализа кода
Для тех кто не в курсе что такое SPCAF
SharePoint Code Quality (slideshare)
Скрытая стоимость решений на SharePoint
Code Review vs Testing
Простой способ повысить качество решений
Как писать правильный код для SharePoint
Как создавать надежные приложения в серверном коде для SharePoint

What is inside SPCAF Contrib?

With the August 2014 release, there are more than 90 custom rules and metrics.
All rules in this project are used in the real word projects as well as already reported to SPCAF support team. From May 2014 there is a ReSharper plugin also.

How to get started?


  1. ReSharper 8.2 or high is required.
  2. Use Extension Manager to install reSP plugin from repository. Just try to find by SHAREPOINT tag.


Rules screenshot:

Metrics screenshot:

reSP dynamic validation screenshots:


About the contributors

Anton Vishnyakov, SharePoint Consultant/Developer Dmitry Dolotovskikh, Senior SharePoint Consultant/Developer at Digital Design in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Alexey Bolshakov, Software Engineer at Luxoft in Moscow, Russia. Stanislav Vyshchepan, SharePoint Server MVP, Solutions Architect at i-Teco (Moscow, Russia), Certified Trainer and SharePoint Development coach.
We would also happy to get some feedback from you, implement new rules or metrics and help you to get started.

Stay tuned, rules and metrics are being continuously improved.

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