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CSM510207. BreakInheritance/ResetRoleInheritance call count.


Count of BreakInheritance/ResetRoleInheritance calls in the solution.


Additional point of interest for the whole solutions - to see where we do have BreakInheritance calls and how it fits the whole solutions design.

When any object that implements ISecurable (those are SPWeb, SPList and SPListItem) breaks or reverts their role definition inheritance. This means every time you call SPRoleDefinitionCollection.BreakInheritance(), BreakRoleInheritance(), ResetRoleInheritance() or set the value of HasUniquePerm the AllowUnsafeUpdates property of the parent web will reset to its default value = false (and in case of updating you may need to set it back to true in order to do further updates to the same objects).

It might be a helper, so potentially the metrics might be quite useless.
Unless we would get the "helper" calls, or something.

Anyway, this might be a good point of interest as it breaks and introduces the custom security in the project.

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