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Few things about CheckId.

For each custom item (rule, metric etc) you need to define it own CheckId meta attribute.
The conventions about that are described here.


You need to know that currently you can use custom prefix but it is not legal and can result in crash you dll in the future SPCAF version.

2-digit number of Category

Term "category" means the same as your custom group in code. Other words if you do not define custom group you can use 2-digit in the list above(the categories are reserved forever) else you have to use a number large than 50.

2-digit of inspected SharePoint element

Look up from table

2-digit consecutiv number

How should I assign consecutive number? Does it depend on prev digits and should it be unique relative on its? Or should it be unique at all (independent from prev digits)?
The conseutive number has not relation to the rest of the id.
It is just a number counting up from 01 to 99 in that specific category(group).

The complete checkid should be unique otherwise you risk confusion which rule is which.

The full table with used CheckIds is located here .

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